Museen im Landkreis Tirschenreuth

MuseumsQuartier Tirschenreuth

Fish, town history and culture


„If only fish could talk“ - in Tirschenreuth’s MuseumsQuartier, which is connected below ground with the former monastery, you can listen to them. In addition to the approximately 1,000-year-old pond fishing business of this region, the museum will give you a variety of insights into topics such as town history, porcelain, as well as cribs, religious ikons and expellees. In the “House at the Pond” and its large aquariums you can meet up close with some of the living representatives of the Upper Palatinate (Oberpfalz) fish species. Another separate section is dedicated to Johann Andreas Schmeller, author of the first “Bavarian Dictionary”.


Regensburger Straße 6
D-95643 Tirschenreuth


Telephone: +49 (0) 9631 6122
E-mail: info(at)


Tuesday- Sunday and on holidays: 11:00 - 17:00

24.12., 25.12. and 31.12. closed!


Visitor groupPrice
Adult 4,00 Euro
Children up to 18 Free entry!
Students, diabled 2,50 Euro
Groups of 10 and more 3,00 Euro per person
Annual ticket for adults 12,00 Euro
Discounted annual ticket (for students and the disabled) 6,00 Euro

* These tickets are also valid for all special exhibitions. Please note that special events like concerts, workshops, etc. are not included in the ticket price. 




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