Museen im Landkreis Tirschenreuth

Bitte beachten Sie, dass derzeit noch nicht alle Museen wieder geöffnet haben. Weitere Infos erhalten Sie auf den Museumsseiten.

Wir bitten um Verständnis, dass auch hier die üblichen Hygienemaßnahmen einzuhalten sind und es dadurch zu Einschränkungen kommen kann.


We, the museums in the rural district of Tirschenreuth, would like to introduce ourselves. We are located in a district with a lot to see, marvel at and discover. For twelve months of the year, there is a versatile programme: special exhibitions, events and action days for visitors to join in.

The Stiftland and Steinwald regions have a lot to offer and also the museums in our district are worth visiting time and again. Not only in larger towns like Tirschenreuth, Waldsassen, Mitterteich, Kemnath and Erbendorf will you find various treasured museums, but also in Bärnau, Bad Neualbenreuth, Mähring and Plößberg. And by no means least, also the castle in Falkenberg is a place where not only old but also new things can be discovered.

We want to invite you on an exciting and entertaining voyage of discovery through the museums of the Tirschenreuth district and wish you the most pleasant stay, as well as lasting impressions and interesting encounters. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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