Museen im Landkreis Tirschenreuth

Museen im rathaus Plössberg

Glass and crib – the perfect match 


The construction of glass melting furnaces already has a very long tradition in Plößberg, a solid craftsmanship which is impressively explained in the Town Hall Museum. Approximately 1,000 exhibits from the national and international glass industry – i.e. products from the Plößberg glass melting furnaces – are displayed in the glass museum. Their profession once took the Plößberg furnace builders around the world and while travelling they also got to know and love the art of woodcarving. For over 200 years now, Plößberg has been home to skilfully carved Christmas cribs. In the Crib and Local History Room of the museum, visitors can marvel at these nativity scenes in all their splendour.


Museen im Rathaus
Jahnstraße 1
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